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Commercial fishing charters, day charters, eco charters, private charter and research, fishing and wildlife tours. North gulf waters, Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, Kachemak Bay, Homer, Seldovia, Whitier, Alaska.


Starting May first of 2016 TTSO will offering commercial fishing charters. The Sea Gal will be commercial fishing Prince William Sound for Spot Shrimp this is your chance to become a commercial fisherman for a few days. You will need to buy a one week commercial fishing license to come on board the Sea Gal for 4 days of pulling shrimp pots. You will cruising the many bays and fjords the Sound. This has been called an “old man fishery” which is to say it is quite tame compared to other Alaska fisheries for example you can only pull gear from 8 a.m. to 4.pm, the gear is relatively light and the seas are relatively calm to other Alaska waters, there are many bays and coves to hide in should the weather turn nasty. Beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife, will be your back drop as you assist Bill as he pulls and sets shrimp pots, it is up to you how much you participate, your labor is not mandatory, if you decide you want to sleep in instead of pull pots, you can tell the “skipper “where to go!

This is obviously not an option on other co mmercal boats, that being said many of the smaller commercial boats are 1 man operations. After the last pots are set each day and the Shrimp are on ice we can troll for King Salmon and Rockfish or just enjoy a barbecue in the back deck while you take in the scenery + solitude. At this time of year the big crowds summer have not made it too the sound! Details of accommodations on the Sea Gal can be found in the “vessel” section if this site. Although Sea Gal is capable of accommodating more people on board, we limit the number on board to 4 people due to Coast Guard regulations for life rafts on commercial fishing vessels, it’s also makes things more comfortable. At the end of the trip you will get to keep 10lbs.of shrimp tails per person (your crew share!)This is a 200.00 value per person. You will also need a sports fishing license with King Salmon stamp a long with the before mentioned commercial crewman’s license.

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The Sea gal is available for private charter and research trips between seasons or if other trips are not previously scheduled. Sea Gal can accommodate 4 people comfortably on overnight charters. If you would like add up to 2 more people please talk to me to see if we can work things out. You can buy the whole boat for the day for up to 6 people, depending on the type of trip.

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TTSO Offers several fishing options to choose from. Daily, overnight, and extended multi day charters. Daily trips out of Homer or Seldovia which usually fish from Bear Cove to Dangerous Cape. Location will change regularly due to weather conditions and fish availability. You will fish from the Sea Gal, a 42’ seiner, converted for charter during the winter. Please see the vessel section on the about page to review details of this boat. There is a full galley and rest room, hot and cold running water and the coffee is always on, you can heat or cook your lunch if you so desire. We fish up to 4 down riggers and 6 poles, depending on size of the group. Winter king fishing activity tends to fluctuate throughout the day as we deploy the down riggers and hunt for the schools of King Salmon. You can go 2 or 3 hours with no response then all chaos breaks loose when 2 or 3 rods release at the same time with a king salmon on each! While searching for the king Salmon we usually Rockfish. We offer overnight winter king fishing out of Seldovia with transportation to Seldovia included in the price.

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TTSO is now offering overnight winter king fishing trips to Seldovia, Alaska. Get away from the rat race for 2 or 3 days of winter king fishing, spend each evening in the peaceful surroundings of Seldovia. The trips will start out of Homer, we will then troll all day for kings. At the end of the day you will arrive in Seldovia where you will be fed and lodged at a local hotel overlooking the scenic harbor and bay. Next morning we are up early for another day of King salmon fishing, before we head back to Homer. All meals and lodging are included in these package prices. Extra days can be added to these trips if you so desire.

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Sample itinerary fishing Chugach Islands plus gulf coast: 3 nights, 4 days:

Day 1 - troll for Salmon and Rockfish between Homer and Seldovia, spend the night in Seldovia, room with a view, meals and lodging included in price of charter.

Day 2 - Scenic cruise to Chugach Islands we will be fishing for king Salmon, Rockfish along the way. We will anchor in a secluded cove and have a surf and turf barbecue while you enjoy the scenery.

Day 3 - We will target Yellow Eye Rockfish and Ling Cod (when in season). Then back to our protected cove to cook up the catch of the day.

Day 4 - We will cruise back to Homer trolling for King Salmon in select spots along the way.

This is only a sample itinerary, these are private charters which means each charter can be customized to a group’s needs and interests.

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*This trip is offered just once a year, 4 people max.

Day 1 - Trolling for Salmon, Rockfish from Homer to Seldovia. Night will be in a comfortable hotel overlooking Seldovia harbor (meals + lodging included in price of this charter).

Day 2 – The next morning we will cross Cook Inlet and anchor in a bay surrounded by jagged mountain peaks with Brown bears grazing in the sedge grass. The afternoon can be spent trolling for King Salmon, or sightseeing from the “Willowah”, your choice. Then an evening barbecue on the back deck.

Day 3 - When the tides are right we will take the Willowah miles up a winding river. If are timing is right there will be plenty of Brown Bear to see on both sides of the river. This is where the bear pictures for this website were taken. Later in the day we can cruise the many bays that skirt Kamishak Bay, or try your luck at fishing again. In the evening we will have another barbecue on the back deck.

Day 4 - We will head back to Homer. If weather allows, and you have not caught your possession limit of King Salmon yet, we can take one more shot at that. Since we are on the subject of weather, it will be the most important factor on all the trips we take, regardless of the time of the year. We were weathered in a protected bay for 2 days towards the end of July one summer as the wind blew 65 mph and the seas to 25’ outside are protected harbor. While this is unusual for summer, it can happen so its something to keep in mind when booking flight reservations for these kind of trips. It's a good idea to book a couple extra days in case mother nature throws us a curve.

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Area traveled will include Prince William Sound, Kenai Fjords National Park, basically the North Gulf waters from Whittier AK., to Seldovia, Alaska. If you decide on the extended trip to view Brown bears, the trip will continue on across Cook Inlet to the southern edge of Lake Clark National Park.

See sample itinerary below, keep in mind since these are private charters the trips can be tailored to meet the needs of each specific group.

On or around June 12th the Sea Gal will finish “Shrimping” for the season and will leave for her home Port of Homer Alaska. At this time she will become charter boat again. The trip home will pass through some of the most scenic and wildlife rich areas Alaska has to offer. The trip will start in Whittier, AK and will last 8 to 12 days depending on itinerary chosen.

The first 3 days we will tour and fish Prince William Sound. King Salmon, Rockfish and Spotted Shrimp should make up the catch of the day. Wildlife and glacier viewing opportunities will be many. Each evening we will anchor in protected bays and coves to enjoy the scenery and cook up meals from our catch earlier in the day. We will travel with the Willowah in tow anywhere from 6 to 8 hours a day. The rest of the day we will tour and fish from the Willowah (see vessel section in the About page). A few hours after leaving the Sound we will arrive in Seward, AK, where you will be lodged in a comfortable hotel. Here you can stretch your legs and freshen up, that evening you will be dined in one of the finer restaurants in town.

The next morning you we will start on a 4 day voyage through Kenai Fjords National Park with stops in Harris Bay, Nuka Bay and Port Chatham. The scenery here is truly “awe” inspiring as much as I hate to use that worn out word! Mountain goats and Black Bear will be gazing down on you as you troll for King Salmon and Rockfish. At this point in the trip we will have left the “generic” touring and fishing fleets 2 days behind us. If you decided on the shorter version of these trips you will spend your last night in Seldovia, AK, a small fishing town on the south end of the Kenai Peninsula. Seldovia can only be reached by boat or small plane, you will spend the night in a comfortable hotel overlooking the small boat harbor, dinner will be an open menu at the hotel’s restaurant.

The next day we well transport you back to Homer on the Sea Gal (1 ½ hour scenic trip). When we arrive we can arrange to have your fish processed and shipped home, get you setup with lodging in Homer if you so decide, or continue on your tour of Alaska. This itinerary is 6 to 8 days depending on how long, and how many, layovers you choose to have. Another option to the previous itinerary would be to add 3 or 4 days to the trip and head across Cook Inlet from Seldovia to view Brown Bear on the southern border of Lake Clark National Park. Please read the Bear viewing section above to learn the details. Regardless of which version you decide on, at the end of your trip you will have completed a 350 mile journey through out the Gulf Of Alaska seeing areas the main stream tour and fishing fleets never access. Give me a call and let’s see if we can work something out!

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